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Step into the greatness that belongs to you.

In Unlocking Your Greatness: How to Transform your Self-Image to Achieve Success, Happiness, and Fulfillment, Michael Dear gives you the answer to your question: "I know that I am meant for more, but do I get there?  How do I achieve the success and actualize the greatness that I know is inside me?"

In this celebrated complete course, Michael has culled from his background as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Mindset and Success Coach, as well as in-depth research and study into the greatest minds of the present and past, to create the blueprint that will give you the answer you are looking for.  The power and potential are all within you.  Now you just need to take the next step and let it out.


"Michael Dear is a magician!  It's amazing how much transformative wisdom he packs into this course, and into everything he does!  If you're really looking to make lasting change in your life, Michael paves the path."

-Moshe Gersht, TEDx speaker and Wall Street Journal & USA TODAY best-selling author

5 incredible modules, structured and designed to best guide you to success


16 in-depth video lessons that will engage you and directly teach you what you NEED to know

Over 100-page workbook broken up by lesson, with incredibly powerful and result-creating exercises that have been proven to manifest change


Michael Dear is a Marriage and Family Therapist, Mindset and Success Coach, and Motivational Speaker.  Michael's mission has been one of in-depth research and study of the secret to success, happiness, and fulfillment in order to bottle the magic formula that will give you results.

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