So you're looking for a coach...


Then this is a great time to introduce myself!  Hi!  I'm Michael Dear, your future coach! ;)

I am a trained Therapist and Coach specializing in bringing YOUR innate greatness into focus.  We each have tremendous potential and so many struggle to express and translate that potential into the results they want: to live a life of success, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Each person is unique and, subsequently, the goals and visions that drive them!  My job?  To help you bring them to fruition so that YOU can see and experience the results that you are seeking.  In a world where people live a life of mediocrity while they yearn for greatness, it is time for YOU to step up and let your inner greatness shine.  Say goodbye to your old self!  It is NEW self time!

Those I have worked with have described me as having a vast amount of knowledge, a quick analytical mind to finely and accurately understand and address hurdles in goal creation and attainment, an ability to see the potential within and bring it to fruition, and an easygoing, positive, and fun demeanor that will leave you inspired, excited, and ready for your next steps to greatness.  That is what they said, and who am I to disagree? ;)

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