How to be Happy

in a World that Feels Broken

With all of the hatred, fear, pain, and sadness when we look out into our world, many people are overwhelmed with the question:

"How can I continue to smile?"


Join me in “How to be Happy in a World that Feels Broken", a free video project, where guests in the mindset, growth, and personal development worlds share, in under 15 minutes, their recommendations for how they continue to smile and how you can too.


Episode 15- Kim Farrell


Episode 14- Carlee Myers


Episode 13- Amber Berton


Episode 12- Jodi Silverman


Episode 11- Lauren Yellin Weinberg


Episode 10- Nancy Luong


Episode 9- Tamara Myles


Episode 8- Jaclyn Gallo


Episode 7- Jessica Harrington


Episode 6- Nicole Stephenson


Episode 5- Debby Lightman


Episode 4- Kelley Tyan


Episode 3- Erika Rothenberger


Episode 2- Henna Pryor


Episode 1